product launch
promo assets

photoshoot art direction
photoshoot prop styling
informational content
web design 
ecommerce assets
AMZ content 
in-house team assets
asset management
team friendly. 
at hello products I work on the brand team to produce and manage all things content. this includes social posts, ecommerce assets, amazon content, optimized hero images, web design, a+ content, along with product launch campaigns. from going on monthly photoshoots to now working with a creative agency to provide direction and review on creative assets, I've gotten to oversee and support content creation through it's many stages. from the knitty gritty of tweaking assets, editing photos, and asset management to the larger scale big content pieces that get thousands of eyes on them, I've gotten to really learn how a brand speaks to it's internal and external audiences through visual language. 
deo launch assets
photoshoot art direction/prop styling
photoshopping + photo manipulation
ig story promo assets
vegan lip balm launch assets
dental discount program infographics
empowermint launch posts
social media graphics
team zoom backgrounds
bonus: modeling!
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